IMPORTANT! The government declared an emergency situation in Estonia until 1 May

As of Monday, 16 March, schools are required to suspend regular classroom studies and switch over to remote and home studying, hobby education must be suspended. This organization of the educational activities will remain valid until the situation changes. The necessity of the measures will be assessed every two weeks.

Due to the order of the Government of the Republic of Estonia, Tartu Nature House is closed until May 1st!

Due to this situation, Õnneleid Driving School will cancel all theory classes and theoretical studying will be organized only in e-study environment. Communication between teachers and learners is by e-mail and phone. All driving classes are canceled and when we continue with driving classes we will share information as soon as possible.

You are welcome to our driving school!

We offer the opportunity to learn to drive a category A and B vehicles. We also offer the opportunity to take extra driving lessons before taking the state exam or just to refine your driving skills. Our trainers have studied at Tallinn University Haapsalu College. Our activities cover everything related to road safety and road safety training. It gives us a broader perspective on how to train a responsible and capable driver. We do our best to create a learning environment where the learner feels comfortable and safe. Our trainers are deeply committed to giving our students the skills needed to be confident, responsible and safe drivers. These skills help our new or experienced drivers understand the road, avoid traffic violations and decrease their chances of being involved in accidents.
We are located in the city of Tartu, Lille Street 10, Estonia. Teaching takes place in English.
Õnneleid Liikluskool

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Category B drivers course

** Category B Driver’s courses consist theory course, 28 driving lessons, Slippery track training and, Training of driving in the dark. The driver’s medical certificate must be obtained from the family doctor before commencing driving school.

It is possible to pay in installments. First payment minimum of 180 €.


IBAN: EE162200221060638246 (Swedbank)

Õnneleid Driving School e-study environment allows you to independently study theory topics, read related topics, and solve theory tests. You will also get an overview of your studies, cash receipts, and driving lessons.

The e-study environment is designed to be used by Õnneleid Driving School students during the study period. To access the e-study environment, each student will receive an individual username and password that is not allowed to be passed on to third parties.

Continuing training

After every third failed driving test at the Road Administration, a candidate driver must undergo further training with a motor vehicle driver training provider. The purpose of continuing training is to prepare the driver in-depth to ensure that the driver has the necessary knowledge and skills. The continuous training shall be at least two driving lessons. Also, we provide individualized counseling to learners to find the reasons why they failed the exam.

Anyone, regardless of which driving school they have previously attended, can enroll for continuing education.

From 1 February 2020, a new curriculum will enter into force in Estonian driving schools. The main change has been the increase in compulsory driving hours. Therefore, course prices also change. Please understand!